3X Your Student Enrolment: The Power of Digimate Chatbot



3x your student enrolment: the power of digimate chatbot

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3x your student enrolment: the power of digimate chatbot
3x your student enrolment: the power of digimate chatbot
3x your student enrolment: the power of digimate chatbot
3x your student enrolment: the power of digimate chatbot
3x your student enrolment: the power of digimate chatbot
3x your student enrolment: the power of digimate chatbot

Dgmate: Advanced Chatbot!

Chatbot To Enhance Student Engagement and Conversions

To boost enrolments, educational institutions can capitalize on the power of Dgmate Chatbot, a game-changing tool that streamlines lead generation without additional marketing costs. This innovative solution helps convert incoming traffic into quality leads by engaging potential students in real-time, revealing their interests and maximizing your return on investment. By igniting meaningful conversations at the ideal moment, Dgmate Chatbot can transform your website, social media, and advertising audience into enrolled students, ultimately driving growth for your educational organization.

3x your student enrolment: the power of digimate chatbot
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Engage with candidates, wherever they are

As soon as someone lands on your official website, the Dgmate Chatbot jumps right in to assist them. And thanks to Dgmate being integrated across the web, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram, your candidates can stay engaged in conversations through whichever channel they prefer.

Advanced chatbot for website
Advanced chatbot for whatsapp
Advanced chatbot for facebook
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Contextual Nurturing

Being able to respond to conversations in the context of a candidate's journey, and having relevant attachments at your fingertips, not only ensures exceptional candidate experiences but also takes some pressure off your team. With less time spent on routine tasks, your team can focus more on tackling the bigger challenges that come their way.

Contextual nurturing chatbot


No Question is difficult for Dgmate

At Dgmate, we do more than just gently guide candidates using behavioral insights. We also specialize in learning the unique questions of each institution and automatically providing the answers they need.

3x your student enrolment: the power of digimate chatbot


Build your Pipeline & Convert more with right conversation for every situation

Absolutely! The magic lies in having the perfect conversation just when it's needed most. When it comes to guiding candidates through the journey, it's all about tailoring those chatbot interactions to fit their unique needs and preferences. By crafting conversations that align perfectly with each individual's situation, we can create powerful connections that open up countless opportunities for success.

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Generate More Qualified Leads

At Dgmate, we're here right from the start, helping candidates smoothly transition from inquiry to enrollment. By first pre-qualifying visitors, we ensure that each interaction counts. Then, we take care of scheduling meetings with our counseling team, ensuring personalized support every step of the way.

Generate more qualified leads by chatbot


Detailed Chat History

When your candidates chat with Dgmate on Web, WhatsApp, or Facebook, their conversations are conveniently stored in their profiles. But it's more than just reading messages; we're also predicting their intentions, helping you stay one step ahead in understanding and meeting their needs.

User behavior analysis


Nurture your prospects based on their stage in the Enrolment Journey

At Dgmate, we're all about nurturing candidates with seamless support. Our approach goes beyond just answering questions – we're all about understanding your prospects on a deeper level. By tapping into valuable insights, we can guide their journey and keep them moving smoothly along the path of growth and development.

3x your student enrolment: the power of digimate chatbot


Convert your chats into Revenue

At the heart of it all are two crucial factors: boosting enrollments and driving revenue growth. That's where Dgmate shines. By harnessing the power of your website, it pinpoints your most valuable visitors, engages them in real-time conversations, converts incoming and advertising traffic, and uncovers valuable intent signals. The result? A significant uptick in your bottom line.

Convert chats into revenue by chatbot


Analyze Dgmate’s ROI in Real Time

Track the real-time ROI of Dgmate effortlessly with our unique ROI dashboard. Monitor engagements, keep tabs on session usage, and pinpoint the exact Cost per Lead (CPL) with ease.

3x your student enrolment: the power of digimate chatbot


Explore an Educational Chatbot: a Quick and Engaging Guide!

Curious about how an Education Chatbot can turn your website visitors and ad clicks into valuable conversations and conversions? No need to worry! Check out this video featuring one of our enrollment experts. They'll take you on a quick, but detailed tour of our specially crafted Education Chatbot.

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Dgmate An Education Chatbot vs Normal Chatbot

Dgmate advanced chatbot vs normal chatbot
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Prepared to see Dgmate - our education chatbot, in action?

Catch how Dgmate steers your prospects towards enrolment.

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