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We assemble certified engineers for efficient Software Development, leveraging cutting-edge tech.

Delivering measurable value

We combine software engineering expertise and industry-specific knowledge to build scalable custom digital solutions both for ambitious startups and established enterprise-grade businesses. High-quality and flexible custom software is the key to your digital transformation journey and competitive advantage.

Enterprise Software Develop

If you need a reliable solution to automate your enterprise workflow or create a digital user experience for processes within the company, we are here to help.

Business Analysis

Our business analysts wrap your ideas into an easy-to-understand Vision & Scope document and thoroughly describe the work processes necessary to transform these ideas into reality.

Legacy Software Modernization

Digi5 understands the need to keep up with technology changes and offers migration and upgrade services for legacy applications, we are here to help.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is an integral part of every modern software development project that our team works on. For us, quality isn’t just about testing. Our delivery model is based on a 360-degree quality assurance approach.

Top software development company digi5

Full-Stack Custom Software Development Services

In today’s digital world, companies need to transform their software using evolving technologies to adapt to the fast-changing market and stay competitive. We offer a talented and experienced team that will not only build high-tech solutions but also walk you through the transformation to success.

Software development

Full-cycle Modern
Software Development

Guided by our customers’ goals rather than a set of features, we develop the software that more than just complies with the design documents and outlined specifications — it exceeds the client’s expectations on all levels.

UI/UX Design

After approving the Project Scope, the client met the Artelogic team for their white label web design services. Our design of devices prioritizes exceptional user experience, focusing on creating top-quality products. We meticulously attend to colors, fonts, icons, images, and mockups that seamlessly align with the white label design and the final product. Our designer transforms Business Analysis results into an appealing white label UI that meets the client’s and End User’s needs.

Back-end Development

The back-end is the core of our digital assets. It handles logic, consistency, and performance using scripting languages like Python, Java, Ruby on Rails, etc. Frameworks like Laravel and ReactJS streamline web development, enabling real-time user interactions and dynamic content. Our back-end development services ensure the smooth functioning of websites and web applications concerning security requirements and database specifications. We provide comprehensive back-end development, including APIs and third-party services integration, and QA testing.

Front-end Development

The interfaces are the elements users most frequently interact with. Therefore, each business desires to develop an aesthetically appealing and functional front-end through captivating UI design. Our front-end developers utilize the latest tools and techniques to build user-friendly interfaces and thoroughly test them with UX Audit. Front-end development uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create an engaging and visually appealing design while ensuring smooth and seamless functionality. The result is a website that looks great and provides a user-friendly experience, essential for maintaining customer satisfaction and engagement.

CMS / COS development

Content Management and Contact Optimization Systems (CMS / COS) are crucial for any business striving to streamline its content production processes and promotion. CMS could serve as the platform for creating and sharing any content, for example, articles for corporate websites or company policies. Our UI/UX designers and web developers can build CMS / COS regarding your requirements and business objectives.

Web Services Integration

Modern websites and applications use many third-party services to address the end users’ needs. Artelogic engineers can safely integrate APIs and microservices, like payment gateways, social media, tracking systems, etc. Web services integration essentially improves customer satisfaction and increases the website’s performance.

Web Modules development

Web module development involves creating custom, on-demand modules or functionalities for clients’ websites. These modules are tailored to meet specific needs, enhance user experience, or add new features to existing websites. The service encompasses the entire development process, from concept and design to coding and implementation. It aims to address unique requirements that off-the-shelf solutions may not fulfill. This service allows clients to expand the capabilities of their websites with bespoke solutions, providing them with greater flexibility and control over their online presence.

White Label WEB 3.0 Development

White Label Web 3.0 development services are the next frontier of the internet, where decentralized applications (DApps) run on peer-to-peer networks without intermediaries, and smart contracts enable self-executing agreements that are transparent, secure, and immutable. Web 3.0 development services can help businesses leverage the advantages of blockchain technology, such as high performance, lower costs, enhanced privacy, and improved user experience.

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