Cyber Security

We believe that everyone has the right to cybersecurity, privacy and a thriving future.

Ready for more than a VA scan?

Digi5 is a UK penetration testing company with advanced capabilities that go beyond industry standards. We believe that everyone has the right to cybersecurity, privacy and a thriving future. Let’s talk.

Risk Reduction

Minimize system breach risk.

Data Protection

Safeguard against ransomware, trojans, and phishing.

Process Gap Identification

Spot gaps in processes and procedures.

Vulnerability Awareness

Understand how vulnerabilities can lead to compromise.

Top cyber security services digi5
Cybersecurity services digi5

Why Digi5?

We prioritize the greater good, including your right to security and privacy. Our highly trained team employs a robust testing methodology that goes beyond checkboxes. We tailor our penetration testing to your unique needs. Through a consultative approach, we ensure clients comprehend our reports and assessments. Additionally, we offer support in enhancing their security posture with a robust cybersecurity strategy. 

Cyber security

Services that
ensure Cybersecurity

An infrastructure penetration testing assessment uncovers vulnerabilities residing in your IT and network systems and provides a tailored approach to each environment.

Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Assess the security of an organization’s network infrastructure, servers, and connected devices to identify vulnerabilities.

Ransomware Penetration Testing

Evaluate preparedness and risk related to ransomware attacks, identifying weaknesses and assessing an organization’s ability to respond.

Objective-Based Penetration Testing

Integrate security into all phases of the software development lifecycle, addressing security issues as they emerge.

Application Security Testing:

Identify and fix vulnerabilities in software by reviewing code, conducting dynamic tests, and ensuring secure development practices.


Automate security integration throughout the development lifecycle, emphasizing shared responsibility and secure software delivery.

Cyber Maturity Assessment

Evaluate an organization’s overall security maturity and identify areas for improvement.

Purple Teaming

Collaborate between red (offensive) and blue (defensive) teams to enhance security posture.

Red Teaming

Simulate real-world attacks to test an organization’s defenses and identify vulnerabilities.

Cloud Penetration Testing

Assess security in cloud environments, including infrastructure, services, and applications.

ICS/OT Cyber Security Assessment

Evaluate security in industrial control systems (ICS) and operational technology (OT) environments.

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