Social Media Management

Our skilled team can identify opportunities, assess risks, and implement effective strategies to enhance your social media presence and engagement.

Engaging social media management that draws your audience in

Our comprehensive solutions cover all aspects of your business’s social media presence:

Optimize profiles

Ensure that your social media profiles (such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) are fully optimized. This includes using consistent branding elements, relevant keywords, and complete information.

Custom Graphics

Design visually appealing graphics tailored to your brand. Custom images,, and visual content enhance your brand identity and engage your audience.

Monthly content calendars

Create a structured plan for your social media content. A monthly content calendar outlines what content you’ll post, when, and on which platforms. It helps maintain consistency and ensures timely posting.

Increased Visibility

Use paid promotion (boosting) to increase the reach of your posts. Boosted posts appear to a wider audience beyond your existing followers, enhancing visibility and engagement.

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Social media management

Brand Elevating Social Media Marketing Services

We fine-tune your social media profiles, ensuring consistent branding and relevant information. A well-optimized profile attracts the right audience. Optimized profiles, engaging content, custom graphics, responsive interactions, and boosted visibility.

Social media management


Be found. Become memorable. We tell your company’s story with original branded content.


Social Media Strategy

Clear and diligent timelines allow for our company to consistently deliver top-tier campaign results each and every time.

Social Media Content Creation

Artisans of the written word, our content creators and the team of copywriters take the time to get to know your company and brand.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising Experts - Craft compelling messages and pinpoint your ideal audience. Let us put you in the spotlight!

Instagram Advertising

The growth potential of a properly developed and managed Instagram account is unlike any other medium available in today’s social era.

LinkedIn Advertising

One of the most sophisticated B2B tools in the industry. Let Social Media 55 build your campaign today.

Twitter Advertising

We offer the ability to manage and tweet for you while operating your ads campaign.

YouTube Advertising

We can help optimize your YouTube channel for greater success. Video content is being utilized more and more each day.

Pinterest Advertising

Pinterest is a great way to get people pinning your boards! We can create and manage your Pinterest campaign.

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Social media management
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