DroneDeploy: A Pioneer in Commercial Drone Operations

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DroneDeploy: A Pioneer in Commercial Drone Operations

DroneDeploy, a trailblazing cloud platform, revolutionizes how companies manage and interpret data gathered by drones. By enhancing workflows through scalable image processing, robust data storage, and dynamic 3D mapping capabilities, DroneDeploy empowers businesses worldwide. Over 500 companies across 180 countries rely on DroneDeploy’s innovative solutions to unlock the full potential of aerial data. 🚁🌐🗺️

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Dronedeploy: a pioneer in commercial drone operations
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The Chalange

Client’s App Development Journey with Drone SDK Integration

The client embarked on building iOS and Android apps, seeking a technology partner well-versed in drone software development. Their goal? Seamlessly integrate hardware Software Development Kits (SDKs) into their respective apps. 🚁📱

What did
DIGI5 do

Expert Drone Integration for Enhanced App Functionality

Our team of passionate drone enthusiasts, who also happen to be top experts, took charge of integrating DJI Software Development Kits (SDKs) into DroneDeploy’s mobile apps. Through these integrations, users gained centralized communication capabilities and the ability to plan flight routes directly within the apps. Additionally, we introduced smart features, including real-time 3D model generation and seamless sharing options. 🚁📱🌐

Dronedeploy case study
Dronedeploy: a pioneer in commercial drone operations

The Results

The technology that we use to support DroneDeploy

DJI SDK Integration
Serverless Architecture
Datastore for Custom Data Tables
3D Model Generation
Real-Time Sharing

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