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Attention Experts: Empowering Australian Social Media Marketing

Attention Experts, a prominent Australian social media marketing agency, navigated years of workflow organization using various SaaS tools. However, the limitations of existing software forced them to adapt internal processes continually. Challenges persisted, including cumbersome campaign creation, inadequate data analytics, and intricate content approval procedures. To streamline their daily operations, the agency’s founder made a strategic decision: develop custom software tailored to their unique needs. They turned to us with this crucial request. 🚀🌐

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Smm platform for a marketing agency
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The Challenge for Marketing Agency


  1. Short Time to Market:

    • The client aimed to swiftly release the internal version of their software. They sought feedback from early adopters to validate their idea and proceed with developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for their SaaS product.
  2. Social Network API Complexity:

    • The client’s team actively manages major social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn) from a centralized platform. However, each social network’s API has specific implementation rules. Ensuring seamless functionality across all APIs was essential.
  3. Flexibility and Scalability:

    • The agency’s founder planned to start with a small feature set and gradually expand to a full-fledged SaaS platform. The ability to scale effortlessly was a critical requirement.
  4. Streamlining Content Approval:

    • Prior to seeking our assistance, the agency faced time-consuming content approval processes. Simplifying internal approval and ensuring client satisfaction became a priority.
  5. Efficient Visual Creation:

    • The client used Canva for marketing visuals. However, manual downloading and uploading to various social media channels posed challenges. Streamlining this process was necessary for efficiency. 🚀🌐📊

What did
DIGI5 do



  1. Discovery Phase:

    • We initiated the project with a thorough discovery phase. This allowed us to gain a clear understanding of end users’ requirements and prioritize essential features. By focusing on crucial functionality, we significantly reduced the time to market.
  2. API Integration:

    • To ensure seamless interaction with all necessary social media channels, we seamlessly integrated official APIs from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. This unified approach streamlined user experience and management.
  3. AWS Services for Scalability:

    • Leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS), we ensured flawless platform management and scalability. The flexibility of AWS allowed us to adapt as the platform expanded.
  4. Streamlined Content Approval:

    • We implemented an efficient content approval process. Users can now submit ready-made publications directly to managers or clients for comments and approval, simplifying workflows.
  5. Canva API Integration:

    • By integrating with Canva, we simplified visual creation. Platform users can upload and edit custom designs seamlessly through the internal editor.
  6. Data Security Focus:

    • Given the marketing tool’s access to sensitive information from corporate social media accounts, data security was paramount. Our solution prioritized robust security measures.

In the accompanying diagram, you’ll see how our technology-driven approach addressed our client’s business needs effectively. 

Smm platform for a marketing agency
Smm platform for a marketing agency

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